Poster Presentation authors are requested to make 4 to 6 Posters in A3size, using size 20 font or more in art paper for display with highlights of the paper. The author should mention his/her e-mail ID, contact phone etc in the Poster itself.

Poster Session


Ref No.

Paper Title and Author/s

1 RBM mode with enhanced and constant cross range resolution along range. Vinod K Jaysaval
12 A Low Noise Amplifier with High Image Rejection and Selectivity Kumari Pushpa, Joydeb Mandal, Priyanka Mondal
26 Design of CPW Fed Substrate integrated waveguide using Frequency selective surface. V Krushna Kanth, B Murugeshwari, and S Raghavan
67 Switching circuit for Cold Switching in Redundant High Power Solid State Pulsed Power Amplifier (SSPPA). Anupama R K, Anirudh Kumar
76 Receiver with advanced BITE and programmable STC for RAWL 02 MK IIA. Julin George, Sharath L, Ramprakasam E, Leena Maundekar, Kavitha B,  Jayapriya V, Dharani B, PPR Anand Kumar,Venkataramanan
79 An improved Eigen-value/Eigenvector based Land Cover Classification for high entropy areas. Kavindar Tiwari, Dr. R. K. Panigrahi
88 Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar.
P. Parvathi, T.Narayana Rao
123 Testing Philosophy for AESA based Radars using Airborne Radar Test Bed.
Dr Saroj Kumar G, D Seshagiri, P Radhakrishna
148 Design of UWB Antenna in VHF Band for Short Range Radar Applications.
Dhiraj K Singh, Naveena M, Hema Singh
149 Design and Analysis of Adaptive Waveforms for Cognitive Radar.
M Uttara Kumari, Prasad L Hugar, Vageesh Anand Dambal, Vinayak Areguli,
B Roja Reddy
161 Analysis of RF oscillations in coupled-cavity TWT at millimetre-wave band. Sanjay K. Gupta, Bharat Kumar, M. Sumathy, M. Santra, and SUM Reddy
7 Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) algorithm for road object tracking using automotive radar. Sanglap Sarkar, Anirban Roy
46 Mobile based Radar Display App. Megha, Ekta Tripathi and P.K. Gupta
52 Development of web based Radar Control Software for future generation Active Phased Array Radars. J. Kamal Kumar, M. Durga Rao, P Kamaraj, K. Jayaraj, K.M.V. Prasad and J. Raghavendra
64 Design and Implementation of Radar Console Displays for Multi Object Tracking Radar using Qt IDE. Ch.Ravindra, S.Rajkumar, M.Sreenivasa Babu.
74 Design & Development of Hardware and Software for Radar waveform and trigger generation for Receiver of RAWL 02 MK IIA Radar.
Sharath L, Anusha M, AjayKumar, Kavitha B
83 Adaptive Radar Resource Manager. Anindita De,Vengadarajan, D. Shashikiran and Bibhabasu Modal
107 Comparison of 3D Motion Models for Target Tracking using Quantized Measurements. Fahad A.M, G Sampath Kumar, Dr. Viji Paul P, L Ramakrishnan
146 ARM Processor based Implementation of Doppler Processing for Human Heart-beat Detection Through a Wall using UWB SFCW approach. Nemani Sirisha, Paramita Barua, D. Anuradha
151 Input / Output Cloud Computing and Networking for Radars. Mr. Patrick MECHIN
156 A Generic Robustness and Stress Testing Tool for Radar Software.
Inder Singh Chauhan, Jang Bahadur Singh, M Justin Sagayaraj
176 IVV Process for Airborne Radar Software.
Shayistha Banu A, JB Singh, Justin Sagayaraj M


Delegate Registration

Registration Fee Indian Foreign
Tutorial Registration Fee per Day INR 4000/- USD 80
Tutorial Registration Fee both Days INR 7000/- USD 140
Symposium INR 10,000/- USD 200
Tutorial and Symposium (5days) INR 15,000/- USD 300





The registration fee includes lunch, refreshments, delegate kit and Symposium Dinner for symposium delegates.

Authors presenting papers, members of IET, IEEE, IETE, SEE, personnel from Indian Armed Forces, BEL, DRDO, HAL and ISRO will receive a concession of 20% in the registration fee. However cumulative concession shall not exceed 20%.

Bonafide students up to Post Graduate Level, Lecturers / Professors from Govt. / Govt. recognized educational institutions including Armed Forces Training Establishments will receive a concession of 50% in the registration fee for tutorials and symposium.

Mode of Payment
All payments are to be made by Bank Transfer with intimation to us. Particulars for Bank Transfer are as follows:-

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