IRSI - 17 Pre-Symposium Tutorial (Two days)

The pre symposium tutorials are organised to cover the contemporary topics with state of the art technologies. Students, practicing professionals, young and senior scientist are encouraged to benefit from these tutorials to keep them abreast with current and futuristic techniques / practices.

TUESDAY, 12 Dec 2017
Pre-Lunch Session (0930-1300Hrs)
Hall B Hall C Hall D
Dr.Eli Brookner
Cognitive Adaptive Array Processing – Its Time Has Come
- Dr. Eli Brookner
Raytheon, USA (Retd)
Rick Gentile
Modeling Multi-Function Phased Array Systems

- Rick Gentile
Mathworks USA
Post-Lunch Session (1400-1730Hrs)

Hans Hellsten
Foliage and Ground Penetration Synthetic Aperture Radar – Physics and Technology Overview
Prof. Hans Hellsten

SAAB, Sweden
Dr. Robert D Palmer
Weather Radar – Advancements in Technology and Enabled Scientific Discovery

- Dr. Robert D Palmer
Director, Advanced Radar Research Centre
Oklahoma University, USA

Dr.Kiruba Rajan
Detection and Tracking issues under heavy sea clutter environment
Dr. T. Kirubarajan
Mc Master University, Canada

WEDNESDAY, 13th Dec 2017
Pre-Lunch Session (0930-1300Hrs)
Hall B Hall C Hall D
Dr.Giuseppe Fabrizio
OTH Radar

- Dr.Giuseppe Fabrizio
Defence Science & Technology, Australia
Dr.Willie Nel
Air and Maritime Target Recognition

- Dr.Willie Nel
HERIAL Mohammad Javeed
Multi-Disciplinary System Modeling & simulation using Model Based System Engineering Approach

- HERIAL Mohammad Javeed
Technical Manager Design Engineering & visualization in Dassault Systems
Post-Lunch Session (1400-1730Hrs)
Dr.Eli Brookner
Radar, Phased-Arrays, Metamaterials, Ultrawideband and MIMO –
Basics, Advances and Breakthroughs

- Dr. Eli Brookner
Raytheon, USA (Retd)
Dr. Piotr Samczynski
Fundamentals of Active and Passive SAR/ISAR Imaging
- Dr. Piotr Samczynski
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
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